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Your suggestion is much appreciate & I see it as an excellent approach. I
will try this. This suggestion is on the line of using the "compile" command
in Python to generate .pyd / .pyc files. 


( See http://docs.python.org/library/py_compile.html ) 


On another note, I have this crazy idea: 


I will use a small non-volatile FPGA (such as one from Lattice
Seminconductor, such as their LatticeXP2 device) and power it from the USB
port. I will then make a small kernel in the GUI program that will use some
form of encryption and talk to the FPGA over the USB port . .  making sure
to get the right security key back to enable the program. The kernel will
then hand off operation to the rest of the program. During the main GUI
operation, there will periodically be a polling or a "self internalized cron
job" that will go out an access the security key on the FPGA. This is a bit
more homegrown that using a USB key and Aladdin driver, etc. Funny thing is,
I have all the code working to do this, as well as hardware to test the






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