[CentralOH] Fwd: Present at Columbus Code Camp?

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Fri Sep 3 14:28:27 CEST 2010

I am forwarding this email from Jeff Frontz regarding the upcoming Columbus
Code Camp.  If you are interested in speaking on a topic, in an informal
environment, please send Jeff a note!

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I'm recruiting folks to talk at the Columbus Code Camp
(the morning/early-afternoon of October 16th) -- http://columbuscodecamp.com.
 I am seeing if folks would have something they'd like to present (perhaps
-- but not necessarily-- outside the Python realm).  Would you have any
topic that you'd be interested in presenting?  Or, if you're not
available (or even if you are), would you have someone in mind who you'd
love to hear/see talk?

Let me know?

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