[CentralOH] Generating C++ / Java Objects from Django...

Joshua Kramer josh at globalherald.net
Fri Sep 10 16:23:30 CEST 2010

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have a use for a Django utility that will generate C++, 
Python, and Java objects from a Django model?  The objects are 
serializable between all three languages.

Basically I've done the following.  I hooked into the Django SQL table 
creation rountines to also generate a Google Protocol Buffers file (.proto 
file) describing the Django model.  Then, my script will use the Protocol 
Buffers compiler to compile the .proto file into C++, Python, and Java 

I'll probably release it under the GPL some time in the near future - it 
works now but it's not perfect.  I wrote this to help with a middleware 
product I'm developing.  With this utility, I use Django to look at a 
Postgres databse with a lot of tables, and then I can very easily create 
C++ objects from those tables.  Using the SOCI C++ library I can then very 
easily send instances of those objects right to the database... and since 
it's based on Protocol Buffers, I have a lightweight protocol with which I 
can send the objects back and forth over the wire.



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