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> I have had an idea for another talk I would like to give for quite a
> while now, but I just have not had enough free time to work it out
> completely.  Are the meetings still last Monday of every month at
> TechColumbus (cohpy.org looks like it hasnt been touched since last
> year and the meetup page only shows dojoe events, which by the way, is
> that still going on? I havent seen any recaps in my inbox..) ?

The Python DoJoe is still held every Tuesday morning at Cup O Joe German
Village from 6 to 7:30AM.  The last few weeks I've been holding up the fort
but I expect Jason Denzin will soon come back regularly.  I update the
Python DoJoe mailing list every week with notes but have been falling behind
again with updating the COhPy list.

Here are the last two:

There's nothing like a little Python hackery in the early morning!

I am trying to grok the Pyjamas Drag and Drop implementation so I can
add the functionality to my current project.  I spent the morning
adding a page for it and then researching the implementation.

Happy Hacking!


This morning I explored Rebecca Murphey's dojo-demo (https://

Next week, I'll continue to work on my Flask project.

See ya:)

The COhPy website could use updating.  On Tuesday morning, I'll update the
web site.  We also accept patches/pull requests.

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