[CentralOH] Python DoJoe Recap

Scott Scites scott.scites at railcar88.com
Wed Apr 20 03:51:28 CEST 2011

At the dojoe this morning I worked through Exercises 1 & 2 of Zed
Shaw's, "Learn Python the Hard Way".

I also modified the Python DoJoe web site and the COhPy web site.
Those changes will be live soon.

Going forward I will be starting out the dojoe with more, Learn Python
the Hard Way exercises.  I'm thinking we'll do three at each dojoe.
This means the series will last around four to five months.  I'm
thinking paired programming would be appropriate for working out the

After the, Learn Python the Hard Way series is complete, I think a
series on the Python Koans will be the next set of kata for the dojoe.

Happy Hacking!
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