[CentralOH] Python DoJoe - Hacker Session Notes - 04-26-11

Scott Scites scott.scites at railcar88.com
Tue Apr 26 13:27:00 CEST 2011

I worked through exercise 3-5 of Learn Python the Hard Way.
Exercise 3 - Numbers and Math
Exercise 4 - Variables and Names
Exercise 5 - More Variables and Printing

Next Up: Exercises 6 (Strings & Text), 7 (More Printing) & 8 (Printing,

The Python DoJoe web site is updated too.

I finally logged into the Central Ohio Python User Group IRC at freenode!

Jason Denzin and I will be doing the exercises next week using a tool called
collabedit.  So we'll be pairing on Learn Python the Hard Way remotely.
 This should be interesting.  If anyone would like to join we'll put the
link to the session on the #cohpy IRC at freenode.net

Happy Hacking!
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