[CentralOH] An introduction and an opportunity

Matthew Sibson cohpy at matthewsibson.com
Thu Aug 4 18:20:36 CEST 2011

Hello all,

I've been lurking on the list for some time now and I thought it was 
high time I introduced myself!

My job for the past 5 years has been writing PHP. I'm a web application 
developer and I've got lots of experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL, and 
the usual collection of HTML/CSS/Javascript. I've also worked a lot with 
Linux and OpenBSD, building in-house mail servers, web farms, firewalls, 
routers and managing developer machines hooking everything together with 

I consider myself a competent Python developer and I've used it since 
version 2.0. I'm more than comfortable with any MVC based framework, 
having helped to write one from scratch at a previous job albeit in PHP.

If anyone is looking for an experienced developer who knows the ropes, 
OOP, functional programming, design patterns, etc and won't send my 
resume straight to /dev/null because I've no commercial experience in 
Python then please drop me an email and I'll send over my resume.

I moved here from the UK in January of this year so I don't know many 
people and I'd love to meet local folks in the industry and get involved 
in the Columbus tech scene. I received a shiny new green card last month 
so I'm currently unemployed but fully authorized to work any time. I 
look forward to the next meeting.

Thanks for your time,


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