[CentralOH] August COhPy Meeting 8/29

Brian Costlow brian.costlow at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 16:12:25 CEST 2011

August COhPy Meeting 8/29.

Our regular August meeting will be on 8/29, at 6:30 PM at the Columbus Idea
Foundry. They have graciously waived their normal rental fee for the space.
Please take some time to look at their website. There is a lot of cool
hardware hacking going on here, and some software stuff too. If anyone is
interested in interfacing Python to Arduino, or using Python to drive things
like 3D printers or CNC tools, these are guys you want to make friends with.


The Foundry is at 1158 Corrugated Way in Columbus. It's about 2 blocks from
I-71 and 5th Ave. Go to their website and there's a handy Google map with
the location already pinned. There is plenty of parking at the building that
houses the Foundry.

Here's the current agenda.

1. Alex Bandar of the Columbus Idea Foundry will give a brief presentation
on the Foundry, and then a tour of the space.

2. Issac Kelly will give a short talk about "tox".

3. Eric Wilson will give a short talk about sending Tweets using Python.

4. Brian Costlow will give a short talk about the Requests module.

5. Eric Floehr will kick off a new feature, "What I learned about Python
this month" (kind of like the ATOM talks previously) by talking about what
*I* learned about Python this month.

7. PyOhio review.

8. Evening Dojoe review and discussion.

9. Open discussion/hacking.

If we want to decamp to a pub at some point, the Foundry folks have
recommended The St. James Tavern as the place to go if we want to stay
within a few blocks. It's at 1057 North 4th St.

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