[CentralOH] Stupid Python Gadgets : DynIP - Stupid-simple UDP-based Client/Server for IP address tracking

Kris Hardy kris at rkrishardy.com
Tue Aug 23 04:41:23 CEST 2011


I posted this to the meetup group message board, but I'm not sure how 
active it is.  I thought I would throw it out to the mailing list as well...

I threw this little app together tonight in preparation for my move to 
New Mexico.  It's a stupid-simple UDP-based client and server so that I 
can keep track of the boundary IP addresses of my family's systems while 
I am in NM and the rest of the family is here in OH.  That way, if I 
need to RDP or VNC into their computers to help them out, I don't have 
to walk them through how to find their IP addresses, etc.

It works by having each client fire off a simple UDP packet which 
contains the host name of the client every few minutes, scheduled using 
crontab, Windows Scheduled Tasks, etc.  The server listens for the 
packets and logs the sender IP address and hostname of the client in a 
JSON file.

I don't know if it would be of any value to anyone else, but it might 
be.  Who knows...

If anyone is curious about UDP packets and how ridiculously easy they 
are in python, take a look.  Also, this is my first attempt at UDP, so 
peer review would be appreciated.


dynip/server.py and dynip/client.py are the important bits.



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