[CentralOH] setup.cfg easy_install find_links

Mark Erbaugh mark at microenh.com
Sun Aug 28 14:33:13 CEST 2011

I'm deploying some of my Pyramid-based web creations on a web server.  Just as with my local development environment, I'm using a virtualenv to make sure all the needed libraries are installed. In fact, my websites are just libraries.

To make my local virtualenv's consistent and to save time and internet bandwidth, I keep local copies of the various library .tar.gz installation files in a 'thirdparty' directory. In my setup.cfg file, I add the lines:

find_links = thirdparty
allow_hosts = none

This forces the installer (pip in my case) to look get the library install file from the local copy.

This works on my local setup, but I can't get it to work on the web server.  It recognizes the allow_hosts command and doesn't try to download the libraries, but it doesn't recognize the find_links so it isn't finding the local copies.  I tried replacing thirdparty with an absolute path and that didn't work either.

My main issue is that I have one library that I use that can't be installed from the web. It's only available as a source code files and I created my own sdist.


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