[CentralOH] Determine Travel Time

Mark Erbaugh mark at microenh.com
Wed Dec 7 20:05:27 CET 2011

I have an idea for a website (Pyramid-based, of course) that needs to calculate approximate travel time between addresses.  At this point, I'm not interested in driving directions or maps, just travel time.  It looks like this usage is not consistent with Google Maps terms of service, even for the Premier level. Also pricing for the Premier level "starts" at $10K.

Is anyone aware of alternatives?

FWIW, the travel time calculation doesn't have to be done online. It could be set up so that I periodically download the addresses to one of my own computers, do the calculations there and upload the results.

I was considering something like Microsoft or DeLorme travel planning software. I have older versions of both, but neither seem to have an API that could be used to feed in addresses and get results, they appear to be designed for "manual" processing.  Does anyone know if newer versions are any different?  Is anyone aware of a Python API to either program?

I also briefly looked at OpenStreetMap, but didn't get too far with that.  Does anyone know of Python interfaces to OpenStreetMap and whether it might be usable in my project? 


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