[CentralOH] Hacker Session Notes - 01-25-11

Scott Scites scott.scites at railcar88.com
Wed Jan 26 18:32:05 CET 2011

It was good to catch up with Morgan Goose at the DoJoe.

Morgan tried to hack on Fabric
Justin Rolston and I peppered him with Mercurial (http://
mercurial.selenic.com/) questions.  I hacked a little on the Tipfy
application that Justin and I have been
working on.

We also briefly discussed the multiproccessing library (http://
docs.python.org/dev/library/multiprocessing.html) and the the upcoming
Open Source Club at Ohio State

meeting about Blender
and Linux from Scratch

Next week Justin and I will continue on with the Tipfy application.

What will you be working on at the next Python DoJoe?

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