[CentralOH] PySide Framework

James -- Atlantix james at atlantixeng.com
Thu Jan 27 20:07:32 CET 2011

Just a general announcement for the GUI community within Python. Atlantix
has developed a PySide framework somewhat akin to Django, but targeted for
GUI apps built with PySide (formerly PyQt.) 


After developing several internal GUI's for various applications, it became
apparent that a framework was needed that has the basic ingredients: File
pull down menu with various options, Project pull down with various options,
and an About pull down. In addition, there are auto functions which parse a
.UI file and convert the .UI to .py for PySide. In addition, a whole
graphics sub framework has been developed using Qwidget generic classes that
enable interactive plotting to Matplotlib, however, without the expense and
overhead of Matplotlib. Often, Matplotlib is touted as such a great program,
and it truly does have value. But we have found that it has serious
drawbacks when incorporating into GUI's and the consequent effects on speed
and reliability. Let alone that Matplotlib is a show stopper when it comes
to creating .exe versions of GUI's. 


Atlantix looks forward to competing with such products as Camelot
(www.python-camelot.com) and other frameworks. 






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