[CentralOH] PSF Sprints - Call For Applications

Issac Kelly issac.kelly at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 23:11:27 CET 2011

Hmmmm.... pip needs some love.  Also readthedocs.org has some interesting
things that need completed.  300 could buy a couple days's worth of meals
etc, maybe we could get some people together in mid/late Febuary for a
two-day sprint?

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 3:29 PM, Brian Curtin <brian.curtin at gmail.com>wrote:

>  Hello ClePy!
> On behalf of the Python Software Foundation’s sponsored sprint group, I
> wanted to drop your group a quick note introducing us. If you’re already
> familiar with our sponsored sprints, you’ll be happy to know we made a few
> changes to help both sprint groups and Python even more.
> The PSF recently set aside funding to be distributed to groups who spend
> time contributing to the Python ecosystem, often in the form of development
> sprints. Our goal is to help you help Python, so whether it’s buying meals
> or renting meeting space for your all-day hackathon, we have a budget set
> aside to reimburse your expenses up to $300 (up from $250).
> If your goal is to make the Python world a better place, and you work on
> the problems facing Python today, we want to help you. We’re looking for
> groups of hackers that spend their time fixing and expanding the wide
> variety of Python interpreters, libraries, tools, and anything else
> affecting the community. We’re also looking for groups who want to help
> and get started but don’t have the resources to get together. Whether your
> group is separated by a train ride or lacking a shared space, we want to
> help you. On-boarding new contributors to open source Python projects is an
> especially important area that we’d like to work with. This means if you
> have a Python project and you want to sprint -- we want to help you. Some
> sprints we’ve sponsored include the porting of Genshi to Python 3,
> improvements to packaging (Distribute/distutils), and most recently, the
> PyPy winter sprint in Switzerland.
> If your group is interested in hosting a sprint, check out the full details
> of our call for applications at http://www.pythonsprints.com/cfa/ and
> contact us at sprints at python.org.
> Thanks for your time, and happy sprinting!
> Brian Curtin
> Jesse Noller
> http://www.pythonsprints.com/ <http://pythonsprints.com/>
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