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On Jun 10, 2011, at 2:20 PM, Mark Erbaugh wrote:

> Has anyone worked through the development of package templates as described in Chapter 5? Some of the details are sketchy (to me, anyways).  He lists some of the files and then lists a directory structure. Some of the files listed aren't detailed, so I made my best guess at their contents.
> He then says to run python setup.py develop to install the template.  I do that, and the command completes, just like in the book with the message "Finished processing dependencies for pbp.skels==0.1.0". If I do a pip freeze, pbp.skels==0.1.0 is listed.
> However, when I do paster create --list-templates, only the two original templates (basic_package and paste_deploy) are listed, the pbp-package that I suposedly added is not listed.
> The text mentions that the templates can be installed with easy_install pbp.skels. That works and installs pbp.skels==0.2.4 and paster create --list-templates shows the added templates (note: this was installed into a different virtualenv).
> The book is dangling some tantalizing Python carrots that I'd like to use, but seems to come up a bit short on getting me up to speed on understanding or using them.

Found my problem. A typo in one of the setup.py files

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