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Issac Kelly issac.kelly at gmail.com
Mon May 2 21:58:03 CEST 2011

I'm writing because we're[1] looking for a summer intern.  We're not
currently 'approved' for credit, because I don't know how that process
works, but I'd be happy to speak with any advisor to make sure that happens.
We reached out to the Open Source Club @ OSU, and now I'm asking CohPy if
there are any of you out there looking for an internship, or know a student
who is.

This will include a very small salary[4], totally non-commensurate with what
you're worth, but we'll try to make that up by making you worth more by the
end of the summer and giving you glowing references from non-respected
technologists like us.

###Who you are:
* A student, or someone with a lot of free time (not a full time job)
* You know Python, or are willing to put some time into learning it before
you start. (we'd be happy to help)
* You know some stuff about the interwebs.
* Self directed learner
###### Bonuses
* You know Git
* You know Django
* You have written good documentation

###What we do:
* We have some software for making websites (not open source), and some
software[3] for maintaining websites.
* We're a very small agency, and we compete by automating the hell out of
stuff, and getting our processes to be very solid.
* As an example, we have software for making websites for realestate brokers
or agents.  It connects to regional property information.  The architecture
of the system is cool, and we can run dozens of sites off the same code
* We play NFL Blitz 2001 for the N64.  We have a company helicopter, but
it's very, very small.

###What you would do:
* Pick another niche (we'll help), our first big one is Real Estate, we have
some other ideas too.
* Determine the needs of that group (we'll help)
* Work with us to come up with a spec for how we can get to a finished
product by the end of the summer (we'll help)
* Do it, lead the project, under our supervision, and with our help.
* If you hate this project, but like the idea of a summer internship with
us, we're flexible, we have some ideas, and if you have an idea for how you
can help, pitch it

This will require learning some of our software, learning Django and Git,
and working with us to make sure you're getting it all right.  We'll setup a
desk at our office for you, and find you a computer if you need one.

If you're interested.  Send me a note (issac at kellycreativetech.com) and

* Some notes about you, what you want out of this, and how we contact you
* Some code, doesn't _have_ to be Python, your github name is fine
* A resume, if you must

We'll try to start interviews soon, as I know it's a bit late to start
figuring out summer plans.

If you want to chat, I'm in #servee on freenode anytime I'm online, or email
us, that's fine.

[1] http://www.kellycreativetech.com - We're Kelly Creative Tech.  2
Developers, and one Designer, Located just south of campus[2].  If you can't
tell from the rest of this, we are very young, very frank and like to have
fun at work.  We're also serious about this stuff.  We legitimately enjoy
the hell out of what we do, and have been doing it Full Time for over 3
years (since I dropped out of the ECE program at OSU)
[2] http://osm.org/go/ZWD70bASG--
[3] http://github.com/servee/
[4] What we're expecting is about $1000/mo for the summer.  I know it's not
a lot.  I'm sorry.  If you have to have another PT job to make up for that,
It's cool.  If you really want to work with us, but that's not enough money,
say so, and say what you need.  We'll think about it.
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