[CentralOH] CentralOH Digest, Vol 49, Issue 18

David Chew David at wwcols.com
Thu May 26 15:38:31 CEST 2011

Django vs. Plone:

Plone is being used as the 'portal' to an internal website (do they still
call them intranets?) that will organize training info, projects, blogs,
forums, etc...  Access to different areas will be controlled by roles,
groups, workflows, etc...  So the content management is very helpful.

In addition, we have a lot of relational database needs that the site will
also host.  Django + MySQL should be able to serve up web forms for entering
data, running reports, etc.  I'm leaning towards Django simply to stay in
the same realm of programming languages (python) without having to hobble
something together that's completely separate (MS SQL + Dreamweaver for
example)...  So Plone would organize the content, while certain
areas/modules/pages within the website will be pretty classic relational
database stuff.

I've done SQL and Access for years but really have not drank the Share-point
koolaid.  Ready to take the open source plunge.  So I'm new, and at the
beginning of a series of projects so any 'real world' experience would be
great to know.  Really appreciate the discussion!

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