[CentralOH] WSGI Friendly Hosting

Mark Erbaugh mark at microenh.com
Tue Nov 15 16:33:34 CET 2011

I'm looking for suggestions for an online hosting service that supports WSGI, shell accounts and wildcard domain (i.e. *.microenh.com) HTTPS.

I've been using Dreamhost for several years and I'm pleased with them. While it's labeled 'experimental', I've been running a couple of small Pyramid-based (WSGI) websites and they seem to work.  My problem is HTTPS.  According to the Dreamhost docs, to add HTTPS, I need to obtain a static IP address from them which is $4/month additional. Currently, my monthly bill is only $8/month, so that's a 50% increase. Also, the HTTPS would only apply to one domain. I currently run several websites using a sub domain and it looks like I'd have to get static IP addresses for each of them (another $4/month) if I wanted HTTPS.


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