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Mark Erbaugh mark at microenh.com
Wed Nov 30 21:01:49 CET 2011

On Nov 30, 2011, at 1:19 PM, James -- Atlantix wrote:

> Hello Folks; I am doing some work with Python 2.7 on Ubuntu these days, and since this is my first foray from Windows into Linux in some time, I have some general questions. My Unix graduate school daze still remain with me, so I am okay with general setup. Maybe some of you could provide  your thoughts. The first question is would you install setuptools and use easy_install OR would you tend to use the Synaptic package manager within Ubuntu . . . i.e.

As someone else said, I recommend virtualenv.  Use the Ubuntu package manger to install virtualenv. Then use virtualenv to create a "clean" environment for each project and install the needed Python add-ons in the virtualenv using pip.  Even if you routinely use the "same" add-ons for different projects, this would protect you from incompatible changes in version updates of the add-ons.

> The second question is with regards to the development environment on Ubuntu, is there something better than Wing IDE that is native to Linux that is not in Windows?

I used to use Eclipse with PyDev and liked it. Lately I've switched to using vim (vi) as a text editor and running the program from the command line or with :! from inside vim. 

I had a little problem getting PyDev to play nice with virtualenv, but that was about the time I switched to using vim, so I never came up with a complete solution.

When I need to browse library module source code or when I need to do some manual experimentation with Python, I use still use IDLE. IDLE does play nice with virtualenv.


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