[CentralOH] Unix talk slides and walkthrough: Audience

Greg Malcolm greg at gregmalcolm.com
Sat Oct 1 20:38:38 CEST 2011

Its an interesting idea. I actually considered the idea of showing but ruby
and python code samples, but I figured it I could get more out the hour if I
specialized a bit. I think there is a serious risk of causing confusion, and
there is only so much screen space to around. Still, the nice thing is that
I can at least tell the audience that Python versions of all the samples are
available in github, and even show a python sample if an audience question
warrants it. Also if I did show 2 languages it would probably more
interesting to show C++ and Ruby or C++ and Python, because its kind of
interesting how unix code tends to look similar, even when the languages are
very different.

Might be fun to make a talk one day through that actually talks about how
problems are solved between multiple languages, maybe spanning C++,
Java/.NET, Ruby/Python and a functional language of some kind.
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