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Fri Oct 7 01:04:04 CEST 2011

for hardware accelerated  capture (like the kids use these days) check
out GLC (i don't know if that's mentioned here in these links) ... it
uses OpenGL so in combination with Compiz (optionally on a dedicated X
server) you can get full 60fps


some of the commands i had saved as an example from when i had a
separate x server, and then connected another compiz wm instance, and
then switched to that x server using this function keys:

capture (DISPLAY should be correct for what you want to do)
glc-capture -g -s compiz --replace

(export to a series of images)
glc-play ./compiz-21933-0.glc -p 1 -o compiz%010d.png

(render into video)
ffmpeg -r 30 -sameq -i compiz%10d.png final.mp4

This is really the sweetest way, there's also one called "yukon" ...
I'm not sure about Mac options, Display Postscript is fairly locked
down, you may need a scan converter or live with the stuttering of
traditional options?

the above was used to produce:

On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 5:48 PM,  <jep200404 at columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> These links are for the person who was asking about setting up
> a web site with tutorial videos. There are many ways to do make
> the videos. Many ways are feeble. Try them all and make your own
> judgements.
> http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net/about.php
> http://www.linuxplanet.com/index.php?/linuxplanet/tutorials/6489/1/
> http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/tutorials/6491/1/
> http://www.linuxlinks.com/article/20090720142023520/Screencasting.html
> http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/tutorials/how-to-create-a-screencast-of-your-linux-desktop/
> https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Wink_(tutorial_software)
> http://www.susegeek.com/desktop/byzanz-free-opensource-desktop-recording-command-line-tool/
> http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/Blogs/Productivity-Sauce/Krut-screencasts-made-easy
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