[CentralOH] EC2 job distribution & Video with Python

Thomas Winningham winningham at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 09:26:37 CEST 2011

Hi there, thank you all for welcoming me Monday, quite a diverse and
surprising group. Here are the links to the code I mentioned:

Using Paramiko and LibCloud to create a unified shell to multiple EC2
instances, with file management functions:

Output of that process (actual frames were generated with
www.processing.org java applet on each box, and all video mixing was
done on Ubuntu):


I use that for most generation of HD video frames, and then use
ImageMagick batches to convert to the final series of stills. Then I
use ffmpeg on the listed of numbered image files in the image sequence
to MP4, or uncompressed video. Editing is done simply by moving the
files around, or just renumbering them with move, copy, etc. Final
mixdown, however lately, I prefer iMovie on a Mac, or QuicktimePro on
a Mac, although I've had some success with various ffmpeg commands
(and opinions) found on the web.

Output of that process is seen here with the COTA bus data (no longer
available, but I hear they are working on bringing it back):

Additionally a nifty MIDI project that's almost like a band-in-a-box
or a programmable "Casio Chord" accompaniment project is

Thanks again, there's billions of unfinished things I've done, mostly
for fun, and I'm not in a developer position for work, so kudos to you
all that make things actually work more than once.

Take care, and thanks again, it was a good meet up.


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