[CentralOH] Python Workshop for Women

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 02:11:36 CEST 2012

Hi, COhPy!

Just in case some of you missed my Sunday night lightning talk at
PyOhio, allow me to repeat my pitch:"

Last spring, I was one of the instructors for this spring's
Indianapolis Python Workshop for Women:
https://openhatch.org/wiki/Indianapolis_Python_Workshop.  This was one
of a series of weekend-long introductions to programming in general
and Python specifically pioneered by the Boston Python Meetup and now
popping up in various cities.

Shall Columbus, home of PyOhio, go without its own Workshop?  Will
Ohio's noble capital be left behind Portland, Chicago, Kansas City,
and who knows where else?  May it never be!

So I need some local knowledge to make this happen.

1. Who can sponsor?  We like to buy attendees lunch.  Suggestions of
Columbus companies that might contribute a few hundred dollars would
be welcome (or itty bitty companies that might pitch in $100 each).
If you have personal contacts at any such companies that you can refer
me to, that's even better - I have bad luck with "cold calls".  If you
have incriminating information on highly-placed company executives,
that's best of all.

2. Where shall we hold it?  The ideal venue is free, open Friday night
('tll 9 or 10) and Thursday, has WiFi, and is generally pleasant and

Teaching assistant volunteers are welcome, too!

Oh, and here's Jessica's PyCon talk on Boston Python's explosive
growth, due largely to these Workshops - definitely worth watching:

Finally, if you're subscribed to this list but not actually in
Columbus, I'd be happy to make it happen in your city, too.  Unless
your city is, you know, Reykjavik or something.  (Actually, I'd love
to go to Reykjavik.)

- Catherine

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