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About PyOhio

PyOhio is one of the largest Python conferences in the midwest, and the
largest entirely free Python conference anywhere. PyOhio 2012 will take
place Saturday-Sunday, July 28-29, 2012 at the Ohio State University in
Columbus, Ohio. A variety of activities are planned, including tutorials,
scheduled talks, Lightning Talks, Open Spaces and Sprints.

This year we doubled the number of talk proposals from last year, and will
be trying to add a fourth track of talks and tutorials.

If Registration is Free, Why Should I Register?

The more people that register in advance, the better we can plan for space,
snacks, drinks, etc.

How Do I Register?

Register Here: http://pyohio.org/register/

I'm Coming In From Out Of Town, Where Can I Stay?

We're starting to pull together hotel information for you.  There is
no officially designated PyOhio hotel, but the nearest one to the Ohio
Union is the Blackwell.


We've arranged a rate of $119.00 per night for PyOhio attendees (while
the block lasts).  To get the $119 rate, you need to reserve by phone
(866-247-4003) and ask for the PyOhio rate.

Here are some other hotels in the vicinity via Hipmunk:


How Can I Help?

PyOhio is entirely volunteer run. If you would like to volunteer, check the
"Contact Me, I'd Like To Volunteer" box when registering. Or go here and
add your name:


Since the conference is free to attend, and volunteer-run, we rely on
generous sponsors for things we have to pay for, like the venue,
refreshments, printing, and videography. If you can sponsor the conference,
or put us in touch with someone who might become a sponsor, respond back to
this email with your contact information.


The PyOhio 2012 Organizing Committee

Please feel free to forward this email to any and all interested parties.
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