[CentralOH] 2012-04-30

Brandon Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Tue May 1 19:03:59 CEST 2012

These lists of links are resources that get posted after each meetup are
incredible, and I would love to be able to tweet links to them for
everyone else in the Python community - and local people seeing them
might think about joining the meetup.  However, our python.org mailing
list is secret, so that no one can see the archives without a password.

Since we are not a secret organization like a conference organizing
mailing list, or the diversity mailing list, could the following archive
be opened to the public:


Also: there was a question at the meeting last night about whether
someone was a member of the mailing list, and I just discovered that a
search for "cohpy mailing list" brings up *two* mailing lists, both of
which seem to be active - here is the other one:


I can understand why someone joining the group would see the Meetup
mailing list, see that it is currently receiving new messages, and think
that joining it has gotten them connected to the group.  Whereas they
would then miss great messages like this meeting summary, that are only
on the private hidden secret inaccessible mailing list hosted on

What should we do about the fact that we have two mailing lists that we
expect people to join?

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