[CentralOH] Amazon AWS API Infrastructure

Patrick Shuff patrick.shuff at gmail.com
Sun May 6 22:39:32 CEST 2012

Hi everyone.  Good to meet everybody the other night at the user group
meeting.  I hope my questions about promoting python in the enterprise
didn't come across as "scoping python talent".  That was not my intention.
 And we're not currently hiring :)

Okay, now on to my questions:

Does anyone have any knowledge of a project that basically replicates
Amazon's API Infrastructure i.e. create API Access Keys/Secret Key.  I was
thinking instead of re-invent the wheel allowing developers to access an
API, I could re-use most authentication code from the boto library.

Also along the same lines, what are folks using to authenticate server
requests using username/passwords?  I've looked into OpenID.   Is this the
right choice?  Please note I am not using Django and would prefer this be
framework agnostic.  Preferably it would be something with client code
already available in most languages (javascript, python, etc).

It would be nice to just wrap my framework handlers with decorators for all
the authentication stuff (changing bits and pieces where necessary).

Thanks everyone!
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