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Too bad you can't make the DoJoe's but getting people up to speed is one of the things we do.  Feel free to ask me Python questions. I've been working with Python for several years and like it. Right now, I'm working on a major project in PHP so I'm not spending as much time with Python as I used to.

I'l try and answer your questions, but are you aware of the Central Ohio Python group's email list at CentralOh at python.org? Questions asked there will be seen by a number of Pythonistas.  Feel free to use it to help with your learning.


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> Python Help
> Hi Mark 
> I saw your profile on MeetUp for the Python DoJoe event. I am currently learning Python and am spending most of my free time on this endeavor. I'm in Cincinnati so can't make the MeetUp but would love to chat/ask questions if you're available through email or another channel. 
> Thanks!
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