[CentralOH] Columbus Python Workshop for women and their friends

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 01:35:59 CEST 2012

Hey, COHPy folks,

Some of you have heard me talking about this:


... well, it's got a website now, so it's officially going to happen!
You can start talking it up and pointing people to the page.

Of course it doesn't have a date yet, or a venue, or a sponsor (or
two).  I need your help to get them!  We'd like to buy the (20? 30?)
attendees lunch on Saturday (and maybe a snack on Friday night), so
$200-$400 worth of sponsorship would hit the spot.  We need a venue
with good wireless, screen, projector, and seating that isn't locked
into lecture mode (for the large hands-on portions, "eyes forward" is
totally the wrong seating.)  The venue should permit or provide food
that fits within our sponsored budget.  The dates are any Friday night
and Saturday that work well for the venue (and possibly for Sarah D.,
she might come down to help teach).  Probably at least two months out
to give us time to find these all and then to publicize it well.

Venue and sponsor suggestions, please!  Even better if you know a
specific individual at Company X we can talk to about sponsorship.

And, of course, I'd love to do these annually (at least).  We might
just do the second one on the PyOhio premises, but let's not wait that
long to do the first.

Another thing COHPy is on the hook for is some "project nights"
following the workshop - nights where attendees are invited to come
and continue work on the projects they started at the workshop (or new
projects) and get help from each other and from existing user group
members.  The point is to make sure that attendees end up plugged into
the Python user community.  This can - and probably should - be at the
same time and place as regular COHPy meetings... possibly with a
portion of the room designated as the Project Night corner, or maybe
even a room next door... we want them to get hooked on COHPy, but also
be able to focus on their projects rather than the main COHPy talk
which may be way above them.  Anyway, there's plenty of time to work
out details there.

Let's hear those suggestions!  Thanks!
- Catherine

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