[CentralOH] meeting place and meeting food

Brandon Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Mon Oct 29 03:51:35 CET 2012

Two question questions before I head to the meetup tomorrow afternoon!

First, where exactly is the building that we are looking for? Google
Maps seems to vaguely indicate a spot in the middle of City Park Ave
just south of its intersection with Thurman. Is it one of the buildings
next to the nice spacious parking lot that I see immediately to the
southeast when I bring up the satellite view? http://goo.gl/maps/GXQq9

Second, the mailing list message about the first meetup at this location
two or three months ago (a meetup which, alas, I missed) mentioned that
the hosts were providing food. Is that also true of this meetup, or was
the food simply a first-time celebration of our presence?

I look forward to seeing everyone!

Brandon Rhodes      brandon at rhodesmill.org      http://rhodesmill.org/brandon

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