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Eric, Austin,

I know John Santiago was interested in doing some work on the COhPy website.

If he doesn't notice this and speak up, grab his info from meetup.com.

Pretty sure he RSVPd for the next COhPy.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 4:03 PM, Eric Floehr <eric at intellovations.com>wrote:

> Right now, COhPy.org redirects to the meetup page. There was some talk at
> a few of the previous meetings about building an actual web app (in Python
> of course :-). I just wanted to share something from the Python group
> organizers link that might be of interest.
> The Kansas City group is still using meetup, but is using the API and
> hosting on gondor.io (same place used by PyOhio.org) a custom web app.
> Here is the original newsgroup email:
> -------------------------------
> I'm Juan from Kansas City and you're right that we do use the meetup API
> to pull information from meetup.com and display it in our website.
> You can take a look at our website here: http://pythonkc.com/
> and the source code for the website is here: https://github.com/pythonkc/*
> *pythonkc.com <https://github.com/pythonkc/pythonkc.com>
> We host the website on Gondor (https://gondor.io/) so there's some Gondor
> specific stuff in the code, but you can modify it to re-use it on any
> hosting provider.
> Hope this help and I'd be glad to answer any other questions you might
> have.
> -------------------------------
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