[CentralOH] Volunteer time: table at Ohio LinuxFest

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 05:56:21 CEST 2013

Hey, everybody,

We're less than three weeks from Ohio LinuxFest!  The Fest runs Sep 13-15,
but our table is just on Saturday, Sep 14.

Time to make plans for the PyOhio table.  Here's what we need, in rough
order of importance.

1. Volunteers

The best thing about Python is its people, so let's show them the people!
 Can you commit to hanging around the table for one or more hours?  It's
fun chatting with people who stop by, it helps publicize PyOhio and Python,
and you'll probably learn some stuff.  It's the very best of the OLF
Hallway Track.

If you can, fill in times you can crew the table here:
You may want to refer to the Saturday OLF schedule:

2. Usergroup info

Get some flyers or other swag for your Python user group to us, and we will
gladly pass it out!  Drop it at the table in person, or mail it to me at
12044 Wolf Creek Pike, Brookville, OH 45309

Also, is your group on this list?  If not, let me know...

OSU Open Source Club
Dayton Dynamic Languages

3. Stuff needed:

Definite needs:

Signup sheet for PyOhio mailing list
1 or 2 machines, ideally with largish monitors (I can bring one)
  (What to show: Talk videos?  The website?  A Python tutorial?)
Big sign with


Leftover PyOhio programs
PyOhio stickers (I have)
Swag from regional usergroups
PyOhio business cards (I have)
"What is Python"-type flyers (anybody know a good one?)
Flyers for Python Workshops for Women (I have)


Big map with locations of PyOhio, PyCon 2014, and regional groups
T-shirts for sale & Square
Books (?) for raffle prizes
Raffle coupons & bucket (if we have prizes)

Thanks!  See you at the Columbus Convention Center!
- Catherine
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