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Louis Bogdan looiebwv at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 17:09:37 CET 2013

Hi folks @central oh/python:

As a recent subscriber, I received notice of your Dec 9 meeting from Brian.
As I am working on a program to go along with a recently filed patent, and
am totally new to Python, I sent him a proposed “subroutine”.  This is used
repetitively within the program.  Since I sent it to Brian, I have done
some more research and have come up with a better version as follows:

num = 1.2346

a = num(-1)

b = num(-2)

if a >7:

     a = 0

     b+ =1

elif a<3:

     a = 0


      a = 5

As each stepper motor step equals .0005” of movement, with the above I can
get .0002” absolute positional accuracy with a .0005” control increment. I
have looked at some of the Python “round” statements and examples and don’t
fully understand them so as an “ole” retired engunear, (does 93 qualify me)
I thunk up my own way of doing things.  Maybe some of you young ones can
teach an ole man how to do things better.

This routine also has application in several other projects I have under
consideration. Would something like this, if it works, be a Python library

If any of you can “tweek” the above into working order I would appreciate
it.  I do have some other questions for you.  What do I need to buy to get
started with RPi?  I will be using my Apple computer.

Thank you for any comments you might have.  Lou Bigdan
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