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Sun Dec 8 23:12:24 CET 2013

Solved a messy Python package/virtualenv problem. 

Python T-shirt:
The House Always Wins
by Wenceslao Almazan

aromaku indonesian food truck recommended by

pdfa/Wes McKinney/pandas

Try to install most Python packages within a virtual environment with pip.
Install the barest minimum of Python packages with the system package manager.

Had much trouble with python packages in Linux Mint 15 MATE 32-bit
New virtual environments inherited all packages from system, 
even with --no-site-packages.
Could _not_ avoid inheriting system Python packages.
Linux Mint installs many Python packages.

Someone did a clean install of the Linux above,
and found that installing pip by installing virtualenv, 
seemed to solve the problem. See the attached tarball.
Compare requirements.20131207-1630-initial
with foo/requirements.20131207-1633-initial.
Follow installation in "installation" file.

The linuxmint-15-mate-dvd-32bit-20131207-1454-after-install-before-update
file might be helpful for restoring the messed up system.
Look at output of diff between above file and current list 
of installed system packages. 

Pup In Training
by fablefire

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