[CentralOH] Define The Problem, Then Solve

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As I mentioned to Brian, the problem is to express my function in Python
understandable language.  To wonder if it might be 1.2346 or 1234.6 or
1234.60 is pointless because it will be 1.2346 or12346. into eternity thru
precision control.  I got started in programming in 1961 which I did in
machine language because I figured the machine knows its own language so I
might as well use it.  After retirement I got a freebee CoC 2 computer and
my "subroutine" works just fine on it.  I can't print anything as printer
ribbon has not been available for years. If Python can't do it, then I just
might use portions of that basic program which I have managed to print out
and create my own butchered basic language.

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> > If ...
> Come to the meeting and after-meeting.
> It will be good place to discuss and define the problem.
> Once we have a good definition of the problem,
> solving the problem should be easy.
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