[CentralOH] Screen Scraping Presentation

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Dec 11 00:38:50 CET 2013

On Tue, 10 Dec 2013, Thomas Winningham wrote:

> I would check out Sikuli for that, very interesting Jython thing where you
> put little clips of the screen as parameters to functions.
> But couldn't they eventually tell by the too precise timing? 

easy enough to add several non-correlated 'jitter' delays ... 
and poker is not a 'speed' game, so one need not be fast

> Then maybe you
> could come up with a bunch of fake human things like triple thinking,
> making occasional dumb mistakes, maybe record your nervous mouse habits and
> replay them... hrmm! 

yes ... called bluffing in some circles  ;)

> I'm too busy gambling with my career and
> inter-personal relationships which is enough money down the drain as it is
> :P Could be fun to play with!! What about short of full automation some
> kind of tooling to let you play like hundreds of hands simultaneously
> somehow better? 

One assumes that the vendors watch for IP addresses of players 
to rule out such economies of scale

> Or some such assistance that is still technically not a
> robot?

a 'heads up display' overlay to assist a live player to peak 
performance, and to also act as a trainer of 'correct' 
repsonses, comes to mind:  
	Cue: Nicholas Cage, singing 'I am the greatest'

-- Russ herrold

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