[CentralOH] 2013-01-28 Scott Ziegler Redis for Uptime Monitor @ CoverMyMeds

jep200404 at columbus.rr.com jep200404 at columbus.rr.com
Tue Jan 29 10:22:07 CET 2013

Thanks to Alan Gilbert, Scott Ziegler, and CoverMyMeds for their 
hospitality for hosting the January meeting. 

Here are some miscellaenous notes. 

Scott Ziegler presented on redis & using python from redis
polling for uptime monitor

q.v.: (in prescriptions) as much as you wish
q.v.: quo vadis: where are you going?
q.v.: quod vide: used to reference material mentioned in text.
                 which see; used after a term to indicate that more
                 information on the term is available elsewhere.
quod google: (STFW)

Redis is good in 32-bit (virtual?) machine.
64-bit version just wastes memory for pointers.
\ diff (not delta diff) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complement_(set_theory)
Lancelot: Idiom!

Schematics is an easy way to model data. It provides mechanisms for structuring
data, initializing data, serializing data, formatting data and validating data
against type definitions, like an email address.

http://packages.python.org/cmd2/ (from Catherine)

reveal.js HTML presentations made easy

scroll window in right side

Watch cohpy.org for next dojo, will probably change. 
Dojo last Thursday at Panera on West Lane Avenue: 1 hour wait for Wifi.
Dojo will probably move to Whetstone Library, waiting on word from Fandi.


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