[CentralOH] What is a Dojo?

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Wed Jan 30 02:52:50 CET 2013

Landon Jurgens asked what a dojo is. 

It's an informal gathering of folks from complete newbies to 
experienced, who get together to learn and help each other with 
Python. There is no presentation. Some folks show up just to 
have some time dedicated each week to work on their project. 
Some folks come for help with learning Python. Some folks come 
to help. Come when you can. Don't worry about showing up at the 
posted starting time (especially since there is no presentation).

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The last dojo was at Panera across Lane Avenue from OSU Campus. 
Parking was OK and we had AC power, but it took an hour to get 
Wifi connection, so we're looking for a new location. Hopefully 
we can get the meeting room at Whetstone Library on High Street. 
That has plenty of parking for folks who drive, and has good 
bus support for those who don't drive. Folks will need to have 
library cards to use the library's Wifi. You can sign up for 
a library card either there or online. 

Notwithstanding the meetup post[1], it is not at all clear that 
we will be meeting at Panera on 2013-01-31, so watch the 
meetup page for changes, especially for this week. 

If you want a dojo at a time and place more convenient to you, 
find a place and time convenient for yourself, and ask one 
of the organizers listed on the cohpy.org meetup page to 
post your dojo.

[1] http://www.meetup.com/Central-Ohio-Python-Users-Group/events/101410652/

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