[CentralOH] PyOhio talks announced, and T-Shirt deadline approaching.

Brian Costlow brian.costlow at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 16:01:35 CEST 2013

PyOhio, the free Python programming conference has announced its talk and
tutorial list.

PyOhio takes place on July 27th and 28th, at the Ohio Union, Ohio State
University, Columbus, Ohio. For more information or to register, click
here: http://pyohio.org

Also, while the conference itself is 100% free to attend, the
been-there-done-that T-shirt is $30.00, and the pre-order deadline of July
8th is fast approaching. After covering the cost of producing the shirts,
100% of proceeds fund PyOhio and other Python events in the midwest. A
limited amount will be available at the conference.

To register for PyOhio, go here: http://pyohio.org/registration/

If you register for a shirt+conference, remember to go into the merchandise
section and select a size. Also you do not need to register seperately, if
you get the shirt, you are also registered.

The talks & tutorials are:


Playing with PyEphem
Ann Elliott

Pika and Queues
Matthew Lauber

Porting Half a Million Lines to Python 3
Nathan Yergler

APIs made for mobile networks
Chris Ridenour

Flasky Goodness
Kenneth Reitz

Code Reading Python
Thomas Fetherston

Gittle: Pure Python Git
Aaron O'Mullan

My Adventures with Mock
Brad Montgomery

Python + FUSE
Zach Wick

Keeping library compatible with Python 2.6-3.4  using python-systemd as
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

The IPython Notebook Revolution
Catherine Devlin

Hardware Design in Python
Christopher Felton

diesel: Simple and Scalable Network Applications
Christian Wyglendowski

Saturday Morning BreakfastSerial: Hacking Arduinos in Python

A Text Adventure in Python
Jeffrey Armstrong

Better Mapping with Shapely
Alison Alvarez

ORM vs SQL Roundup
Michael Robellard

Django Powered Mobile Apps
Tim Kuehlhorn

Arbitrage on Amazon: Exploiting the Textbook Trade-ins with Python
Brandon Lorenz

Atypes, Btypes and Ctypes
Ben Timby

Large scale network analysis w/ python and igraph
Timothy Wilson

Introduction to SQLAlchemy and Alembic Migrations
Jason Myers


Super Advanced Python
Raymond Chandler III

Kivy - Creating Desktop and Mobile Apps with Python
Ben Rousch

Model-View-Controller & Pygame
Jay Shaffstall

Fundamentals of Python Debugging
Chris Calloway

Building Rich Applications with Django and Ember.js
Gabriel Grant

Build a Game in 40 minutes
Greg Lindstrom

Develop Games with Panda3D and Python
Peter Carswell

Python 101
Michael Yanovich

Shiny, Let's Be Bad Guys: Exploiting and Mitigating the Top 10 Web App
David Stanek

Bonus Programs

Young Coders: Python & PyGame with Raspberry Pi
Katie Cunningham

Be Charmed By Google App Engine
Douglas Starnes

Rapidly Deploying and Scaling with Amazon EC2
David J Felix
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