[CentralOH] Job Opp - Nationwide doing Django!

Brandon Lorenz blorenz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 19:42:32 CEST 2013

Go go, Django!

Hey guys, I had a job opp that came across my way.  I'm very happy where I
am now, but for sakes this was tempting.  We (the Columbus Python
community) need someone in there to establish a core Django/Python
integration for Nationwide.

If this job sounds interesting, please contact Pat!  And if you get it, let
us know here on the list!!!  Good luck!


Copy-pasta from my email below


Thanks again for speaking with me this morning regarding this opportunity.
As discussed, Nationwide is looking for a python programmer with knowledge
of django and bash shell scripting as well.  It is a contract that is
scheduled from July 15th – Nov. 15thhowever, if all goes well on this
project there will be more need for this resource so it can turn into a
longer term assignment.  They currently have WSMI (wasami) and are looking
to use back end python programming to convert over to linux servers.  This
is something that has never been done at Nationwide before, and therefore
is an excellent opportunity to create something new and unique. ****

** **

If you have anyone who is interested in this opportunity feel free to pass
my info along and have them reach out to me.  I will be happy to answer any
more questions. ****

** **


psmith at teksystems.com****

** **


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