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Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Mon May 6 22:16:38 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I need your help.

PyOhio is only a free conference because we have great volunteers and great
sponsors. PyOhio is far from free to run. In fact, it cost close to $12,000
in hard cash to put on PyOhio last year, and that's with a video crew who
worked for well below market.

Can I please ask you to do *one or more* of the following to help this
conference continue to be a great *free* resource for Central Ohio, the
entire Midwest, and the whole Python community?

1. If you are a part of or know of a company or organization that would
like to reach out to 250 or so dedicated, passionate developers, you can
use the text below as a formal proposal and advocate for PyOhio sponsorship
within your company or organization.

2. Spread the word about PyCamp. PyCamp will be the week immediately
preceding PyOhio, and will also be in the Ohio Union. The class will
provide 40 hours of training for only $325 for those wanting to learn
Python inside and out. Net proceeds will help benefit PyOhio and TriPython:

3. Register and buy a PyOhio t-shirt, and consider donating extra at the
registration page: http://pyohio.org/registration/  If you would prefer not
to use Eventbrite to donate extra, you can also contact me directly for
other arrangements, but you need to use Eventbrite for the t-shirt order.

Thanks so much for your help in making PyOhio great!

Best Regards,
Eric Floehr
PyOhio 2013 Chair

------------------ (snip -- sponsor formal proposal follows)

PyOhio is the second-largest Python programming language conference in the
United States, second only to PyCon. Last year, we hosted 230+ passionate
developers and brought in speakers from ten different states in the Midwest
and across the country.

This is our sixth year for PyOhio, and it looks to be even better. With
your help, PyOhio will continue to be a great gathering place for sharing
information, learning about Python, and gathering together around a
programming language that enables people to make great things.

Our sponsorship packages are essentially unchanged from last year, and we
are also open to suggestions: http://pyohio.org/sponsors/prospectus/

Please email eric at intellovations.com (PyOhio 2013 chair) if you'd like to
sponsor PyOhio this year or sign up at http://pyohio.org/sponsors/apply/ and
he'll be in touch.

PyOhio 2013 will be Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28, and we will
again be at the Ohio Union. We are expecting 250+ developers this year,
from around the Midwest and the country. If you would like to reach
high-quality, motivated developers, PyOhio is a great place to do that.

Not only that, but you are helping fund an outreach mission who's goal is
to bring technology and empowerment to those who might not have had the
opportunity. How do we do that?

1. Again this year, we have contracted with Next Day Video to record all
talks and tutorials and make them available for free online for later
viewing, and for those who cannot attend. This is a huge outreach, and our
largest single expense. But it's important. Here are last year's talks:

2. We have partnered with PyCamp to offer affordable Python training, with
net proceeds benefiting PyOhio and TriPython, the Research Triangle Park,
NC Python User Group. For only $300 (early registration until May 6) we
will provide 40 hours of Python programming language classroom instruction.
We are also offering a discount to Ohio State University Students. Please
share with your networks: http://trizpug.org/boot-camp/pyohio13/

3. We are working with some folks to hopefully provide an all-day Python
class for kids 12 and up. More details coming, but we are getting kids
excited about programming and STEM and giving them the on-ramp to tinker
and create with computers.

4. PyOhio outreach extended beyond the conference, helping put on the
Columbus Python Workshop for Women in January. Hosted by Pillar and
sponsored by LeadingEDJE, the workshop provided an introduction to Python
in a collaborative hands-on fashion to a historically under-represented
population in tech.

As you can see, we are doing great things, and with your help and support
we will continue to be able to do so! Please consider sponsoring PyOhio
this year, you will reach great developers and help us do great things!

Please reply to this email if you'd like to sponsor, take the next steps,
etc. or if you'd no longer like to be emailed.

Thanks so much!
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