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Wed Dec 10 21:11:44 CET 2014

We must have Python[4] lunch at Halwani Cuisine!
Great food made by great people. 
Get the Tandoori pizza.
How about Monday? (2014-12-15?)

is chaining of methods good style?

    McIlroy (versus Knuth)[3] might have something to say about this.

    Watch the latter half of 
    Brandon Rhodes' "The Clean Architecture in Python" presentation[1].

        Use small simple tools that
        can easily be linked together


        The shell script is simpler
        because it operates through the
        stepwise transformation of data

        Does a chain of methods do this? 

    Brandon Rhodes' "A Python Æsthetic: Beauty and Why I Python" presentation[2]

        I forget which one of Brandon's presentations, talks more about
        chaining methods which read from left to right (or top to bottom),
        nested function calls which read from right to left, and mixtures of
        the two. The mixtures are like sprinkling Arabic and Hebrew text in
        English text. How about RPN?

    My own opinion is that chaining methods is just fine.
    If it is easy to understand, then it is good.

Separately, the redundancy of piano in piano.PianoBench() is just disgusting.
see around 18:05 in APÆBaWIP

awk is one of my friends
wp:Alfred Aho
wp:Peter J. Weinberger
wp:Brian Kernighan


wp: prefix means wikipedia
To get good answers, consider following the advice in the links below.


[1] The Clean Architecture in Python

[2] A Python Æsthetic: Beauty and Why I Python

[3] More shell, less egg by Dr. Drang

[4] We will be talking about Python, but not _eating_ Python.
    Python meat is haram/treyf.

[5] Crazy Russian youtube.com/watch?v=dCwAq8ldhuE

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