[CentralOH] Seeking Local Developer for Social Analytics Startup

Rodney Brickl rodneybrickl at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 21:56:25 CET 2014

Hello Python Community:

I'm new to Columbus by way of relocation due to my wife's new job at
Victoria's Secret. I'm working with a Columbus based startup on creating
more automation to a software product they've built to analyze social
conversations among Hispanics.

It's a very early stage startup looking to build out their founding team.
The current developer working on it is based on the west coast, but we're
looking to make sure that the entire founding team is located here in
Central Ohio. It is called Oye Intelligence - url is www.oyeintelligence.com

I would love to connect with anyone who has interest to give more context,
compare backgrounds, exchange ideas and determine if there's a fit.

Please respond here, to rodneybrickl at gmail.com or feel free to connected on
linkedin via www.linkedin.com/in/rbrickl/

Look forward to hearing from members of the group. Thank you!

-Rodney Brickl
(612) 860-4167
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