[CentralOH] Oct. 2014 COhPy clarifications

Jan Milosh janmilosh at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 13:56:08 CET 2014

1. Digital Ocean hosting cost is $5/month for their cheapest plan. It’s billed monthly and there are no tricks like with shared hosting that draws you in for $2/month then raises the cost to $14/month after a year.
2. Heroku hosting is free for a developer account.
3. Both Digital Ocean and Heroku are easily configurable for Python applications.
4. Jekyll is a static site generator that is used with GitHub pages.
It’s written in Ruby and uses the Liquid tempting language (by Shopify).
You can create a blog or portfolio (with categories, etc.), but there is no database.
Page load is super fast. You can redirect your own domain name to your Jekyll site.
It uses a git workflow so version control is easy (unlike WordPress, etc.).
I’ve created/contributed to two Jekyll sites: http://janmilosh.com and http://cbusjs.github.io.
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