[CentralOH] 2014-11-14 道場 Scribbles: Injection Attacks

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Mon Nov 17 16:16:26 CET 2014

>     What's best way to install both Python 2(.7) _and_ 3(.4) on Windows
> _with_
>     Ipython _and_ virtualenv? It's easy to find answers for any one piece,
> but
>     not for all of them together.

Anaconda[1] is a spiritual successor to EPD/Canopy, by Travis Oliphant's
new company Continuum Analytics. It supports 3.4, and IPython, but uses
conda as the package and environment manager[2]. It's also geared towards
the scientific community, but can be used generally.

[1] http://www.continuum.io/downloads#py34
[2] http://davebehnke.com/using-python-anaconda-distribution.html
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