[CentralOH] Cython Bootstrap::Decorators

James Bonanno james at atlantixeng.com
Mon Apr 6 04:38:21 CEST 2015

Hello All;

As a follow up from last weeks presentation on Cython, I would like to 
add a quick explanation of how to use Cython in a more "pure" Pythonic 
way. You can use a cython decorator. For example, in the code below, the 
@cython.locals decorator is the same as a "cdef" static type definition.

I added this example to the Cython Bootstrap notebook and pushed it to 
the GIT repo. The basic code is shown below. To get the repo : git clone 
git at github.com:saturn77/CythonBootstrap.git

%%file ./src/exponent.pyx

@cython.locals(a = cython.int, x = cython.int, y = cython.int)
def power(a, x):
     y = a**x
     return y

from src import exponent

[exponent.power(x,3) for x in range(10)]


[0, 1, 8, 27, 64, 125, 216, 343, 512, 729]

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