[CentralOH] April Monthly Meeting

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Mon Apr 20 14:18:10 CEST 2015

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We will meet at 6pm informally and the formal presentation will start at

This month, Professor Jim Reed will be talking about "Making Even Better
Decisions in Python -- Using IFs with Supporting Assertions".

This talk is for both new Python programmers and old, and you will learn
both about the syntax of Python as well as how to code better regardless of
your language of choice.

While offering the NASA/JPL Coding Standards as a backdrop to this
presentation--an attempt is made to adhere to these strict standards as
Pythonists to develop clean coding habits and better decision making in
their Python code. A brief overview of using Python IFs are correctly
demonstrated in Python Code according to the NASA Standards presented
earlier. A possible pseudo Case/Select Class is explored together as an
alternative to Python IFs, but just might not past the test of meeting
these self imposed coding standards. And finally, an introduction to the
Python Assert Statement is provided with correct usage and demonstrating
the suitable usefulness of Assertions for better program design from the
beginning of your very next programming project.

As always lightning talks are welcome and are a great opportunity to
practice speaking and sharing your favorite Python tips!

We will adjourn promptly at 8:30pm.
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