[CentralOH] New O'Reilly book "Fluent Python" 50% off today

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Sat Aug 29 16:53:25 CEST 2015

>         obs - the book seems to have been one of those ORA
> 'early release' books, where an electronic form is available
> for critique before the print edition issues

Hi Russ! All O'Reilly (and other technical publisher) books seem to be
Early Release these days.

>         - your use of: idiomatic    Was this based on a personal and
> specific reading of the book, or of its press

I have gone through the Early Release Ebook and I liked it. I thought the
description of the book captured its content, so copied it.

>         - did you happen to participate in providing feedback on the item?

No. And I have received no compensation for recommending this book, nor
have I ever received any compensation for recommending any book. In fact,
O'Reilly has been very generous to both the Central Ohio Python User's
Group and to PyOhio over the years. And as an O'Reilly purchaser since I
can remember, I've received substantial value from their books in my
professional career. So I don't hesitate to recommend them to others.

> I find it hard to read 'straight through' a chapter of an
> technical 'ebook' compared to a dead tree varaint -- compare
> contra: Novels, Fiction and Histories, no problem, but not
> Technical for some reason.  I wonder if that is because I am
> accustomed to 'structured reading' (as one might do with a
> 'man page') for Technical, and one cannot easily 'hop around
> the page' to pick out the nuggets there?
> As the discount code did not work for dead tree format, I
> picked up a copy of the latter off AMZN for $37 and change,
> rather than ORA's $45 list.  If useful, I'll register the ISBN
> once it arrives, as I can 'add' an ebook to any dead tree
> variant I own, for $5 on some program they have me in

Cool. That sounds like a great way to go if you want the print book and the

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