[CentralOH] 2015-12-23 Napkin Scribbles from Cafe Istanbul: Ruby sandtotetris river rouge indentation cmm 4GB /boot befunge Dami[ae]n Pi light haskell erlang happy birthday dd 3840x2160 pcduino3 nano light

jep200404 at columbus.rr.com jep200404 at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 23 20:43:48 EST 2015

Had good time at Cafe Istanbul

    does Ruby
    about to learn Python
        Learning Python, 5th ed. by Lutz
    CTO built team of great Ruby folks
    new CTO was .NET guy, so ruby folks were fired
    institutional memory
    Had been referred to Aver. he had already heard of

wp: prefix means Wikipedia
To get good answers, consider following the advice in the links below.
wp:Block grant

I would like to see a "sand to tetris" project.
rocks to cars: wp:Ford River Rouge Complex
wp:Vertical integration

wp:Willow Run
    ford, kaiser, willys, gm
wp:Consolidated B-24 Liberator
wp:Frazer (automobile)
wp:Henry J
wp:Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar
wp:Chevrolet Corvair
wp:M16 rifle
wp:M39 cannon

wp:Willow Run Airport

There is no one true language. Learning more languages is good.

A long time ago, I was talking with a colleague about C code. I
used indentation to indicate the structure of the program to
myself. I used curly braces to indicate the structure of the
program to the compiler. My colleague thought this was strange.
He used curly braces to indicate the structure of the program to
himself and he did not pay attention to indentation. I thought
that was strange.

So I removed all the curly braces from my C code, and changed the
Makefile to insert curly braces based on the changes in
indentation. The code worked fine. I showed it to my colleague.
He was puzzled. He said it could not work, even though he saw it
work. Later, when I heard that Python used indentation to
indicate program structure, I smiled.

Did Cover My Meds outstrip the supply of good Ruby talent in Columbus?
Are they opening an office in Cleveland to get more talent?

Will Red Hat require 4 gigabytes for /boot partition?

whacko language:

wp:Damian Conway
Fun With Dead Languages

    diner at cafeistanbul:~$ python
    Python 2.7.6 (default, Jun 22 2015, 18:00:18) 
    [GCC 4.8.2] on linux2
    Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
    >>> 'Damien' == 'Damian'

3 open source genealogy tools for mapping your family tree

There sure is much activity in tiny cheap computers that run Python.

Raspberry Pi Model B+ V1.2
    CPU chip is solder to board
    RAM chip is soldered to top of CPU chip

    CPU chip might be a very thin circuit board

Raspberry Pi 2, Model B
    CPU chip is soldered to top side of board
        it is thicker than of B+ V1.2
        looks like conventional black epoxy
    RAM chip is soldered to bottom side of board

U8 and U16 or Raspberry Pi 2 are bare die.
Bright light on them (such as from camera flash)
causes Raspberry Pi 2 to crash.

george catlin
an illuminating discovery

Years ago, I developed an EPROM memory board.
It had a wierd problem that went away while light shined on the EPROMs.

Python folks learn Haskell
    Highly recommended by a diner
Ruby folks learn Erlang

Is your browser safe against tracking? Use Panopticlick to find out

Rightscorp wins landmark ruling, Cox hit with $25M verdict in copyright case

DIY automation and HVAC system runs Ubuntu Snappy on RPi

more beowolf bait

make business card size cards for geek groups with contact info
had an opportunity for such today, but did not have the cards


    weekly dojos on Friday evenings
    weekly lunches on Wednesdays
    monthly meetings with presentations

    maybe simplify the stuff on the card to a single URL
    which has links to everything else

Make SDHC flash memory in Raspberry Pi to last long time
    mount RAM drive on /var
    mount read-only flash partitions noatime

personal cards

    with keys in text and QR codes

When using dd to write to a raw USB flash drive,
how does one know when the data was actually been written?
There is no LED on the drive.
No partitions are mounted during the operation.

Who has a 3840x2160 monitor that needs to be tested with a RPi 2
(or vice versa)?
Build a Large-Screen Command Center with the RPi 2
That might make a nice X terminal.

has a 3840x2160 monitor. Loves it. It improved his productivity.

Car Safety Fines
Mini (BMW)

*buntu Pi

Centos 7 for Pi 2

$15 pcDuino3 Nano Light runs F23 XFCE 
It even has a SATA connector!!! Wow!!!
With the ethernet jack, it should be good for clusters.
Yowza!!!, it can drive 2160p!!!
I need a $500 monitor to use a $15 computer.
ordered some, net was only $13 as part of some special deal


With these (ARM) low-end computers beginning to run regular Linux distros,
I wonder how Intel will respond in the market.
I recall that they used to make some ARM CPUs, a long time ago.

For a compute cluster, which has best computational power per dollar?
    Pi 1 / $20 (with one 700 MHz core)
    Pi 2 / $30 (with four cores at 900 MHz)
    pcDuino3 Nano Light / $15 (with two cores at 1 GHz)

od -A x -t x1
xxd -g 1 -u

You move to another state because the vanity license plate
LINUXRLZ is already taken in yours.
Hmmm. Haven't seen Pete for a while.

Many languages were derived from C.
Some non-C derived languages are:
    Romanian (see Damian's "Fun With Dead Languages" presentation)


    weekly dojos (group study sessions)
    weekly lunches
    monthly meetings with presentations
        and eat and drink later at Brazenhead's
        PyOhio: free Python conference 

    subscribe to technical mailing list at

        Brandon Rhodes gives _great_ presentations
        great presentation for beginners:
            PyOhio 2011: Names, Objects, and Plummeting From The Cliff
        great presentations for experienced folks
            Python Design Patterns 1

            The Clean Architecture in Python

        Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python

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