[CentralOH] Help with doing git pull requests on a Python project

pybokeh pybokeh at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 17:50:18 CET 2015

Hello List,
I took a basic git/github class a while back, but I'm still struggling.  I
only know how to create my own repositories locally and at github and push
changes to them and raise issues.  But that's about it since I don't really
create code that would be used by others and my level of Python is not that
great to be able to contribute to the actual source code of Python
projects.  However, I can contribute at least by improving documentation.
I want to improve documentation of a Python project and was wondering if
someone could meet me at this week's upcoming dojo meeting this Friday or I
can meet at other times of the week.  Coffee, tea, or snacks on me.

I was provided this link on how to contribute to this particular project

and that's where things got confusing for me and need help with.

If you can spare some time with me, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks!

- Daniel
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