[CentralOH] Quick Start Versus Comprehensive Tutorials

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> So you can use an "else" statement with a for loop or a while loop. 

> I came across that in Lutz's book[1]. 
> There was no mention of that in Zed's book[2]. 

There are many differences like that between Lutz's 
Learning Python and quick start tutorials such as Zed's. 
The quick start tutorials, such as but not limited to Zed's, 
are great for getting a quick start and being able to be 
productive in a short period. However, for that quick start, 
they necessarily leave out many things. Learning Python is 
also a tutorial, also suitable for beginners. Unlike the quick 
start tutorials, Learning Python is comprehensive. It also is 
slow, so it does not get ahead of you. It does not leave you 
in the dust.

When you get through Learning Python, you know Python.

I recommend a hybrid approach. Start with a quick tutorial 
like Zed's, then read Lutz's Learning Python. 

[1] Learning Python, Fifth Edition by Mark Lutz

[2] Lean Python the Hard Way by Zed Shaw

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